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My Story

Tammy Bozer is a lifelong resident of McHenry County, Illinois whose journey in art can be traced back to her very young childhood when she was always drawing or painting something ("sorry for all those crayon drawings on the wall Mom & Dad") An extended hiatus to raise two wonderful children with her husband and to work in the corporate and government sectors, cut into her time for art endeavors but she continued to be inspired by all the natural beauty that her home area has to offer.  Upon her retirement from the working world and her graduation to grandmotherly duties, she rededicated herself to her passion for art, and she now enjoys daily time in her home-based studio.

Tammy combines her love of painting with her love, awe, and admiration of the beauty of all the flora and fauna of the woodlots, fields, and meadows of not only McHenry County but also other areas throughout the Midwest as well as other locals across the country.  Using the medium of watercolor helps her to capture and express the soft beauty of natural world that surrounds us all.

Tammy says that painting brings her peace and offers her a "mindful place" to meditate on the God given beauty of our natural world and the grace she feels while living in it.

Her goal with her paintings is to hopefully convey that peace and grace to the individual viewer, offering a moment of pause, peace, and the opportunity for a feeling of deep belonging, that at times can be hard to come by in our sometimes hectic and confusing world.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

815-861-4062  leave message for Tammy

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